We, Luoyang JCB Bearing Technology Company working on industry of cross roller bearing designing and manufacturing more than 20 years, based on our history we accumulate a lot of design experiences and cross roller bearing application experiences, we provided reliable quality cross roller bearing and professional technology service for more than 100 enterprise and equipment manufacturers in worldwide, therefore we are winning customer grateful accolades.

Our core values is that product quality is the life of enterprise, in case of the enterprise without reliable product quality, that is meaning without social responsibility, it will be eliminated by the market.

We always focus on our customer’s real demand, especially the requirement of products quality which customer most concerned. Pursuing products perfectness, providing customer satisfying application experience are our permanent goal. It is our honor while we can supply high quality products to our customer with our professional skills, and also we hope to strengthen mutual understanding and communication through constant cooperation in future, enhancing mutual trust so as to create a win-win situation

advanced design

From the beginning of design stage, we make a modeling to design cross roller bearing by advanced design software, then use method of finite element analysis to verify the results, and to adjust of design results, finally it will be meet the customers’ demands.

advanced equipment

Base on advanced equipment to ensure product quality, we possess advance processing equipment for key production process, for example, CNC machining center, CNC heat treatment equipment …etc.

reliable raw materials

The most important part of ensuring the product quality is raw materials manufacturing, therefore we choose the reliable raw materials to use for element of cross roller bearing, such as bearing ring and roller etc, we could provide customers cross roller bearing and related product with third party certification.

perfect management system

We established perfect management system so as to ensure product quality, we passed to certificate ISO9001 quality management system as well as obtain ISO9001 certification, and carry out quality manufacture system strictly for whole process of production from beginning to the end.

perfect testing method

We organized a professional and strong testing and inspecting team with advanced test equipment by perfect testing method to guarantee product quality, and set up special testing machine and test equipment for special cross roller bearing.