CRB series of JCB crossed roller bearing is consisted of an outer ring and an inner ring with a group of cylindrical rollers and spacers (or cages). The rollers are arranged between the inner ring and the outer ring, and spacers are placed between the rollers to prevent them from colliding with each other.


JCB crossed roller bearing (IKO series) have eleven types, split outer ring type Full complement (CRB), split outer ring type with cage (CRBC), Mounting Holed Type High Rigidity With Separator (CRBF), Mounting Holed Type High Rigidity With Separator (CRBFV),High Rigidity Type With Separator (CRBH),High Rigidity Type With Separator (CRBHV),Slim Type With cage (CRBS),Slim Type With separator (CRBS…A), Slim Type Full complement (CRBS…V),Super Slim Type With separator (CRBT),Mounting Holed Type Super Slim Type With separator (CRBTF).

_CRB series crossed roller bearing is standard type crossed roller bearing

_Outer Diameter of CRB series crossed roller bearing is from 55 mm to 360 mm

_Inner Diameter of CRB series crossed roller bearing is from 30 mm to 300 mm

_Accuracy class of CRB series crossed roller bearing: P6,P5, P4, P2

_Seal Symbol of CRB series crossed roller bearing: No symbol signifies the open type without seals.( UU signifies seals on both sides. U signifies seal on one side.UD signifies seal on one side in the opposite direction to counter bored mounting holes on outer ring.)

_Axial internal clearance of CRB series crossed roller bearing: Including T1,C1,C2

Schematic diagram

JCB cross roller bearing-IKO seriescrb series seals note-2

JCB cross roller bearing-IKO series crb series note


Bearing No.Boundary dim.(mm)Basic loading rates(N)Mounting dimensions(mm)Weight
CRB 30103055100.35290635034440.12
CRB 40104065100.35980804044540.15
CRB 50135080130.6142001840055710.29
CRB 60136090130.6154002150064810.33
CRB 701370100130.6170002550075910.38
CRB 801680120160.62430037500861070.74
CRB 9016901301612590042100981180.81
CRB 1002010015020139400611001081341.45
CRB 1102011016020141200667001181441.56
CRB 12025120180251.559900954001321642.62
CRB 13025130190251.561000998001401722.82
CRB 14025140200251.5641001080001511832.96
CRB 15025150210251.5650001130001601923.16
CRB 15030150230301.5859001440001662025.3

Table 2

Bearing No.Boundary dim.(mm)Basic loading rates(N)Mounting dimensions(mm)Weight
CRB 20025200260252753001480002082394
CRB 200302002803021330002340002182626.7
CRB 200352002953521680002820002212749.58
CRB 25025250310252.5839001830002592904.97
CRB 25030250330302.5146002830002653108.1
CRB 25040250355402.521500038200027133014.8
CRB 30025300360252.5919002170003103415.88
CRB 30035300395352.520500040800031837213.4
CRB 30040300405402.523500045100032138117.2
CRB 40035400480352.516500040000041445714.5
CRB 40040400510402.527000059000042348323.5
CRB 40070400580702.5576000106000043053272.4
CRB 50040500600402.525900064800051757326
CRB 50050500625502.530600074700053159241.7
CRB 50070500680702.5653000133000053063386.1
CRB 6004060070040328700077400062167630.6
CRB 600706007807037000001540000630734102
CRB 600120600870120314900002800000643817274
CRB 7004570081545331300091700073078546.5
CRB 700707008807037660001810000731834115
CRB 7001507001020150319800003820000751953478
CRB 800708009507045130001440000831907109
CRB 8001008001030100411400002640000840972247

Table 3

Bearing No.Boundary dim.(mm)Basic loading rates(N)Mounting dimensions(mm)Weight
CRB 3010 UU3055100.35290635034440.12
CRB 4010 UU4065100.35980804044540.15
CRB 5013 UU5080130.6142001840055710.29
CRB 6013 UU6090130.6154002150064810.33
CRB 7013 UU70100130.6170002550075910.38
CRB 8016 UU80120160.62430037500861070.74
CRB 9016 UU901301612590042100981180.81
CRB 10020 UU10015020139400611001081341.45
CRB 11020 UU11016020141200667001181441.56
CRB 12025 UU120180251.559900954001321642.62
CRB 13025 UU130190251.561000998001401722.82
CRB 14025 UU140200251.5641001080001511832.96
CRB 15025 UU150210251.5650001130001601923.16
CRB 15030 UU150230301.5859001440001662025.3
CRB 20025 UU200260252753001480002082394
CRB 25025 UU250310252.5839001830002592904.97
CRB 30025 UU300360252.5919002170003102415.88

How to ensure quality of  crossed roller bearing

Advanced design

From the beginning of design stage, we make a modeling to design crossed roller bearing by advanced design software, then use method of finite element analysis to verify the results.

Advanced equipment

Base on advanced equipment to ensure product quality, we possess advance processing equipment for key production process, for example, CNC machining center, CNC heat treatment equipment …etc.

Reliable raw materials

The most important part of ensuring the product quality is raw materials manufacturing, therefore we choose the reliable raw materials to use for element of crossed roller bearing, such as bearing ring and roller etc, we also could provide customize crossed roller bearing with special material.

Perfect management system

We established perfect management system so to ensure product quality, we passed to certificate ISO9001 quality management system as well as obtain ISO9001 certification, and carry out quality manufacture system strictly for whole process of production from beginning to the end.

Perfect testing method

We organized a professional and strong testing and inspecting team with advanced test equipment by perfect testing method to guarantee product quality and set up special testing machine and test bed for crossed roller bearing.

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